On-site Critiques

Noon-3:30 p.m. Friday and 9-11 a.m. Saturday

Both beginning and experienced staffs can benefit from a critique. Staff members and advisers will sit down with an experienced adviser or professional and go over the school’s most recent publications or broadcasts. This one-on-one opportunity allows staffs to ask questions and get clarifications as needed. Each critique will last 25 minutes.

You do not need to mail your publication to a judge before the start of the convention. Bring your publication/URL with you to your appointed critique time. Sign up during convention registration.

Bring your laptop with your programs on a thumb drive or YouTube or Vimeo links.

Bring up to three copies of your print news publication.

Bring your most recent print magazine and any designs/plans for the current edition.

Bring your laptop and the link to your site.

Staffs are encouraged to bring theme, design and coverage plans for their 2018 volume for real-time feedback. A critique of the 2017 yearbook is also available.